Buying and selling

Västerviks Auktionsbyrå AB located in Västervik puts up items for sale on regular basis through web auctions. Most oftenly with two weeks space.
The objects is out for auction during one to two weeks and is finished on the auction day with approximately a two minute interval. All auctions end at 19.00 CET.

Every object is photographed, cataloged and given both a calling price and a starting price. The calling price is an estimated valuation made by Västerviks Auktionsbyrå.
Please observe that the auctions can be finished higher as well as lower than the calling price.
The starting price is where the bidding begins. Lowest possible bid is set at 50 SEK.
The condition of the objects is described as thoroughly as possible in the auction description.
If you want further information about an object than given in the description, please contact us through email or phone. We answer as soon as possible. All objects can also be viewed in our facilities, located at Lunnargatan 22, Västervik.

To be able to bid on an object a registration as customer is required. Registration is simple and free of charge.
Every bid is handled as maximum bid which means that the bid level is kept just above previous high bidder.
Example: You bid 5000 SEK for an object that at the moment has 700 SEK as highest bid. Your bid is then automatically placed at 750 SEK. All according to our bidding ladder.

If you are overbid by another buyer during an auction, an email with a notification will be sent to your registered contact information.
If a bid is placed within two minutes from an auctions end the time limit will automatically be extended with two additional minutes (web auctions only).
The winner of an auction will at auctions end receive a confirmation email.
An invoice for bought items will be sent through email within 48 hours after finished auction.

Any bought item is to be paid and picked up within 3 days after auctions end if no other conditions has been agreed.
In case you have no possibilities to pick up your item we offer different ways of delivery. Read more under headline ‘Package & Transportation’.

Västerviks Auktionsbyrå AB has full authority to take measure at situations wherein technical problems have in one way or another caused problems during an auction.

Executed goods from the Swedish enforcement authority.
Terms for auctions through the Swedish enforcement authority:
The objects are sold on executive bidding-/auction sale for the Swedish Enforcement Authority. Click on each object to see separate terms of sale, time schedule for display, test drives etc.
The Swedish enforcement authority has the rights to cancel the sale or cancel some objects with short notice. The properties are sold in the condition it is at the time for the sale.

Please note! Look closely at the objects! Västerviks Auktionsbyrå does not inspect the auction goods, and the description online are only general.
The buyer must assure themselves that the object is in a condition that they approve of. The objects cannot be approved at pick up or after delivery which means that the buyer is committed to his or hers bid no matter condition of the bought item.

We perform valuations of insurance damages, shift valuations, complete homes or part thereof.
Some of our employers are: Länsförsäkringar, Trygg hansa, If, Familjejuristen, Västerviks Kommun etc.

To be able to bid on our auctions a registration is required. This is both simple and free of charge. Click ‘Ny kund’.

The items in the auction are sold in existing condition and it lies upon the bidder to ascertain themselves of the condition of the items.
The condition of every item is described as thoroughly as possible in the auction description by Västerviks Auktionsbyrå AB.
If more information is desired about an object please contact us through email or by phone.

The items are displayed in our facilities at Lunnargatan 22, Västervik (Web auctions)

A calling fee of 25% (incl VAT) and an additional fee of 50:- SEK (incl VAT) is applied.

For artifacts and art marked with DDS (Droit de suite) an additional fee, a so called resale right, is applied in cases where the ending price exceed 2120:- SEK or higher. The fee in these cases are 5% of the ending price.

The winner of an auction will receive a confirmation notice through email. Please contact Västerviks Auktionsbyrå AB as soon as possible if you wish aid in transportation and delivery of your purchased item.
An invoice of purchased items and eventual freight fees will be sent through email within 48 hours from ended auction.

Won items shall be paid and picked up within three days from ended auction unless anything else has been agreed upon. Thereafter Västerviks Auktionsbyrå AB will charge an additional storage fee of 25:- SEK (incl VAT) for each object and day.

Purchased items can be picked up Monday-Thursday 8-13 and Fridays 8-14.

Payment is made to our BIC/IBAN: HANDSESS SE936000 0000 0005 4526 8362, or credit card at pick up. Cash, Diners card, American Express or foreign cheques are not accepted.

We gladly pack and send your purchased items. DHL and Bussgods (within Sweden) are the most frequently used options. We will naturally choose the most safe and cheap way for your package. Please contact us for price offers of the object you are interested in.
After finished auction you simply contact us and order transportation.

We help you sell your objects. Wheter it is a whole household or parts thereof. Complete solutions with cleaning is also offered. We have multiple major concerns as employers. Länsförsäkringar, Trygg Hansa, Fonus, Boka and more.

Bring your objects to Västerviks Auktionsbyrå, we are at our facilities on daily basis. Please contact us in advance just to make sure we are not temporarily away on a pick up.
We pick up objects in Småland, Blekinge and Östergötland.
We also pick up auction goods in all of middle Sweden.
For sales of complete homes and estates we offer complete solutions. Clearance and cleaning.

During house moving cleaning there is a possibility to make a RUT-deduction (Sweden only). Please note that RUT cannot be applied for estates.

Every object is photographed, cataloged and given a calling price and a starting price. If an object is not sold it shall be picked up by the seller within 7 days or resold in a new auction, alternatively donated to the Red Cross or similar Second hand.

At sales a fee of 15-25% (excl VAT) is taken depending on the quality of the objects, type fee of 25 SEK (incl VAT), Expeditional fee and invoice 20 SEK (incl VAT).
Please note that we do not buy any objects. We only offer commission sales through our auctions.

Accounting and payment will be sent to given account approximately 14 banking days after auctions end, given that Västerviks Auktionsbyrå have received payment from buyer.

All left in objects are insured and will be compensated with its calling price aside from Västerviks Auktionsbyrå’s provisions and selling fees.

Our services

Sell through us. We have buyers from all of Sweden and a large part of the world. Our website is highly trafficked and your objects will reach the customer directly.

Estate inventory
Estates and contact with authorities in cases of death.

We take care of complete hose moves and parts thereof. Office moving, Storage of goods and complete homes. Sales of moving boxes, packing material etcetera. We have a valid certificate of transport.

We have good relations with every broker in the nearby area. We gladly help you choose the right broker for your object.

Complete Solutions
We help you sell goods and personal estate. Thereafter we transport junk for recycling and finally clean your apartment or house. Please contact us for a price suggestion.

Move cleanings, construction cleanings, decontamination of estates etc.

Single object, complete homes, shift valuations.


Q: What does it cost to get my bought items delivered?
A: If you want an item sent to you, you are free to contact us for cost offerings. We use DHL, the postal service and Bussgods (Sweden).

Q: What are your opening hours?
A: Our opening hours for dropping off or pick up items in our facilities at Lunnargatan 22 are Monday 15.00-17.00 Wednessday 15.00-17.00 Friday 11-13.

Q: Where can I pick up my bought items?
A: We are located at Lunnargatan 22 in Västervik, Sweden

Q: I want my purchased items sent to me. How can I get this service?
A: Please contact us through mail on service@vasterviks-auktionsbyra.com and notify us that you wish your goods delivered and we’ll get back to you as soon as we are able.

Västerviks Auktionsbyrå.



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Håll avstånd i vår lokal och sprita händerna! Vi kommer inte att minska våra öppettider i dagsläget då detta skulle bidra till ökad trängsel. Vi kommer följa folkhälsomyndighetens råd och anpassa oss utefter utvecklingen. Vi ber dig att göra detsamma när du besöker oss. Tillsammans kan vi bidra till att minska smittspridningen.